Thursday, 23 September 2010

Voice Over’s Are Extremely Important to International Business Success

Hiring the right voice over is a positive way to create an attention to a business which will always attracts new prospects immediately
In the early years, before effective sound recording and mixing, announcements were produced "live" and at-once in a studio with the entire cast, crew and, usually, an orchestra. Or a corporate sponsor would hire a producer, who hired writers and voice actors to perform comedy or drama. 
However, at present businesses will often use a distinctive voice to help them with brand messaging, often retaining talent to a long term exclusive contract. Companies know that if it wasn’t for voice talent, there would be a lot of silence in places most people are used to hearing something. But sometimes it can be rather surprising to consider the amount of voice talent that is actually out there making our world what it is.

In today’s fast-paced world of internet communication it can be easy to forget about the former success of “old-fashioned” advertising. Today, marketing is driven by e-mail, websites, and blogs; such as, podcasts, vlogging, and multimedia on the web. This means your business needs a marketing strategy that includes voice over, creative photography, and video production.

Before television and the internet, the world tuned into the radio to get their daily news and commercials. The talent of Voice Over’s was in high demand back then since many companies turned to radio to promote and advertise their products. By the time T.V. arrived, people were already used to ‘hearing’ a lot of advertisements; the T.V. took this to the next level with much more sound and images.

The industry has expanded very rapidly with the advent of television in the 1950s and the age of highly produced serial radio shows ended. The ability to record high-quality sound on magnetic tape also created opportunities, as has the proliferation of home computers capable of recording, often using inexpensive (even free) software and a microphone of reasonable quality.
The same effect that the radio had on the masses in the 50’s is returning full swing with internet advertising, video commercials, and podcasts. Voice over actors and actresses now play an important role in delivering your company’s marketing message, slogan, and can even promote your brand.
Although most business may be aware that voice over talent are the ones who make commercials go, they may not be aware just how many times in the course of their day that they hear something done by professional voice talent.

Voice over’s can be used for short commercials, presenting products on a web site, podcasting, or just creating a radio advertisement. If you business is  considering shooting a television commercial, get a voice over talent to manage the narration so that it is appealing and the products or services you offer will get the massive impact you need.


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