Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Whats the Big Deal with Voice Over Talent?


Voices are powerful when you begin to think of it reasonably.   A person who understands just how to use their voice can control another person just by using it properly. This is an astonishing concept the first time you contemplate it, but when you think about some of the most famous voices in the world, you will understand what a true statement that is.
Voice Overs have power. Enunciating is simply speaking clearly, pronouncing the words so that they can be understood, making each word distinct and not running things together.
That’s harder than it sounds, because most people don’t enunciate. We don’t notice it on a day-to-day basis because we’re used to it. We know what all the jumbled-up sounds are, and when we aren’t sure, we can use facial cues or body language.
It’s more difficult to do than it looks, and it is especially difficult to do quickly, which you may be faced with if you have a lot to say in a very limited amount of air time. An audience listening to a commercial can’t ask what you said if you aren’t speaking clearly.  For instance a Continuity Announcer is a link in between radio and television programmes.
The success of your commercial, movie or project must have the correct voice behind it. Even though voice over talent artists often take a backseat in our minds to the way a person looks, without the correct voice, looks mean nothing zero. The voice becomes the most important thing in the world.Everyone may be aware that voice over artists are the ones who make commercials go, they may not be aware just how many times in the course of their day that they hear something done by professional voice talent.
 If it wasn’t for voice talent, there would be a lot of silence in places most people are used to hearing something. But sometimes it can be rather surprising to consider the absolute necessity of voice over artists that make our world what it is. If you have planned an entire project without once considering what a voice-over artist can do for you-STOP right now and reconsider
The fact  that the voice actor has to remember his lines and deal with timing issues, and make it all sound natural while doing it, and you’ve got an incredibly complex skill at work here. Speaking is one thing, but speaking for profit should be left to the professionals.


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